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VIZ Visualization Assessment and Training Home Page

VIZ is a site dedicated to the understanding and improvement of spatial visualization skills. The ability to vividly imagine objects in your mind and then manipulate those objects is critical in many career fields. We are in the process of developing activities that test and train different areas of these skills. We currently have four interactive activities on this site: Mental Rotation-Rotating Blocks, Paper Folding, Spatial Working Memory and the Water Level task.  These are well known tasks from research on spatial cognition.

If you would like to try the modules, check out the technical needs page and then go to start. If you would like to learn more or use this site in your class please contact us using information on the Developers page. 

This site is based on the collaborative model of freely sharing resources for research and teaching that was established by PsychExperiments at the University of Mississippi.

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